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Different types of Pentesting

Pentesting or also called penetration test is designed to determine the extent of security flaws in a system. Likewise, it is one of the most demanded practices at the moment since thanks to these tests, a company can get to know what dangers it is exposed to and what is the level of efficiency of its defenses. For this reason, the Pentester or cyber security services in singapore Auditor is one of the most demanding professions within the world of Computer Security , which makes them one of the most sought-after professionals of the moment, as are the schools where this specialization is taught .Pentesting or also called penetration test is designed to determine the extent of security flaws in a system

There are several types of Pentesting that are classified according to the type of information available when taking the tests:

White Box Pentesting

In this case, the Pentester or Auditor knows all the data about the system: Structure, passwords, IPs, firewalls and is usually part of the technical team of the company . It is the most complete and is part of a comprehensive analysis of the structure . Thanks to all this preliminary information, it is relatively easy to know what can be modified or improved within the system architecture.

Black Box Pentesting

It is the most real type of pentesting since the Pentester has hardly any data on the organization and acts like just another cybercriminal. Therefore, as if it were a ” blind ” test, vulnerabilities and threats in the network structure must be discovered.

Pentesting of gray box

It can be defined as the mixture of the previous two, the auditor has certain information when performing the test, enough not to start from scratch. It is the most recommended type of pentest since it will take time and means to be able to carry out this penetration test in its entirety.